Staff Teams

Negotiation Team (NT): Helps with mediation of wars or issues that might arise during negotiations.

Team Lead – HBIC
Team Lead – flint_tropics

FairPlay Investigation Team(FPIT): Deals with any accusation of unfair behavior, or gaining an unfair advantage.

Team Lead – Joshua

Media Team (MT): Deals with all media relations, which include, but aren’t limited to: wotw, streaming, YouTube and pickems.

Team Lead – HBIC
Team Lead - Tuath de

Graphics Team (GFX): Responsible for the “look” of the league, and provides to the league their creative skills.

Team Lead - Tuath de

Roster Team (RT): Deals with everything about rosters and the redcloud, can contact them about roster changes or anything to do with the master roster.

Team Lead - Joshua

Moderation Team (MODS): Handles the NDL discord server. It is their job to ensure that everyone has the correct role they need and to ensure that discord is a good place to be.

Team Lead - Joe

Schedule and Standings Team (S&S): Makes the schedules for all divisions at the start of the season and keeps the standings up to date throughout the season.

Team Lead – Shivam

Warmatch Team (WT): Makes sure WM data is factual, and all wars are logged.

Team Lead – fortytwo

Public Relations (PR): Handles the spreading of league news and events throughout the community. In charge of partnerships and maintaining them as well.

Team Lead – Senior Staff

Senior Staff Team: Supports all teams on daily activities. Oversees all aspects of the league’s operation.