Senior Staff Members


I’ve been playing clash for 5+ years, participating in several leagues for most of that.
Fell in love with the NDL during season 3 when my clan joined a family alliance with Curms (LAAWWWNNNN!). The people involved with everything here are amazing.
I became a co-amb for season 4 and joined the warmatch team for season 5. I’m looking forward to helping everyone make this awesome leauge even better and can’t wait for S6!
Love the NDL and love this community!


I strongly believe in two things - first, a hot dog is just an americanized taco and second,
leagues work best when players and league organizers work together. I am proud to do my part to help foster a fair, competitive and engaging environment where players of all skill levels can clash some clans.

Tuath de

I've been playing Clash for several years and have been able to participate in various leagues at most town hall levels.
I have also been able to compete in esports since the inception of the 5v5 concept at TH5. I became staff in NDL to work in Media and loved it!
I enjoy the interaction with content creators whose work helps to support and grow the Clash community.
Clash, for me, is the second most beautiful game.


I've been with NDL since 2020, started in the media team and worked my way up.
One of my favourite things about NDL is how different it is from other leagues.
I admire the engagement between ambassadors and staffs, as well as the amount of effort and time put in by staffs to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

I'm a semi-nerd who likes to think of himself as tech-savvy. I will most certainly judge you if you're someone who possess the ability to survive a day without coffee.
My morning coffee makes me feel like I have my shit together. I don't, but it feels like I do.

Honorable Mentions - Retired Seniors

Ree Ree
SSJ Gohan