E-Sports Info


How do I remove accounts during the regular season?
You cannot. During the E-sports season you cannot delete accounts off your roster. You will have 3 adds and even if you have 10 accounts on rosters, you can still add 3 to potentially have a roster size of 13.

When I add accounts to my roster, why doesn't it show up right away?
The Roster Team needs up to 24 hours to approve adds. Accounts that are pending will be shown in MyAccount page on the website

Can I use my freshly added account for war even if roster team hasn't approved the change yet?
Yes you can, as long as the form is sent before war has been spun and the account isn't on any other roster (dupe) or otherwise it will be treated as a unrostered sub

How do I get my opponent's clan tag and/or have a look at their roster?
Head over to our website nodipleague.pro and under the leagues menu, head to current clans in the E-sports section.

Can someone join the clan to watch the war?
Yes as long as the player does not have a account on a different roster in the same division that isn't in the war to be spectated.

Who is Team A and who is Team B in a war?
Use the coin flip command ,f or ,flip in your negotiation channel to decide A or B.

Where do we post our final score of our NDL match?
In your negotiation channel in the negotiation server that the war is associated with

I am a content creator. Can I stream/recap/cover NDL wars?
Yes, but you need to register with NDL Media first. Tag the media team and they will help you through the registration process.