NDL Staff Teams

Negotiation Team (NT): Helps with mediation of wars or issues that might arise during negotiations.

Team Lead – glowing moon
Team Lead – HerHighness

FairPlay Investigation Team(FPIT): Deals with any accusation of unfair behavior, or gaining an unfair advantage.

Team Lead – Joshua

Media Team (MT): Deals with all media relations, which include, but aren’t limited to: wotw, streaming, YouTube and pickems.

Team Lead – Spekkie
Team Lead – HBIC

Graphics Team (GFX): Responsible for the “look” of the league, and provides to the league their creative skills.

Team Lead – Aries

Roster Team (RT): Deals with everything about rosters and the redcloud, can contact them about roster changes or anything to do with the master roster.

Team Lead – アレックス

Moderation Team (MODS): Handles the NDL discord server. It is their job to ensure that everyone has the correct role they need and to ensure that discord is a good place to be.

Team Lead – .• ᶜ𝓬 •.

Schedule and Standings Team (S&S): Makes the schedules for all divisions at the start of the season and keeps the standings up to date throughout the season.

Team Lead – Shivam

Warmatch Team (WT): Makes sure WM data is factual, and all wars are logged.

Team Lead – fortytwo

Public Relations (PR): Handles the spreading of league news and events throughout the community. In charge of partnerships and maintaining them as well.

Team Lead – Senior Staff

Senior Staff Team: Supports all teams on daily activities. Oversees all aspects of the league’s operation.

Team Lead – AC

Regular Applications Closed!

E-Sports Applications are currently open!

To submit an application to NDL you have to Log In to our site. If you are on mobile, open up the menu by pressing the icon in the top right corner and then Log In.

Login is done by OAuth2 from Discord. By clicking authorize you are giving us permission to view your discord username.
If this is a concern, you are able to read more detailed procedure on Discords OAuth2.