E-Sports Divisions FAQ

Where is the application for next season?
On your myAccount page. Indication if applications are open can be seen on websites sidebar or in Discords announcement channel.

Where is the roster template?
Roster submission happens trough website.

Is there a default war day/time for each division?
Yes. There will be three mid-week and weekend conferences per division.
Mid-week conferences will have a range from Tuesday to Thursday.
Weekend conferences will have a range from Friday to Sunday.

What are important dates to know?
Log In to our website and go to your myAccount.

Where can I see a list of rules?
Here's the Rules Doc for Season 1 : S1 Rules And Regulations

What is the max roster size for each division?
Each division has a max roster size of 10.

What is the minimum break down for each war per division?
Each division has a set size of 5v5 war size.

Can a player or account play in more than one clan?
Having secondary accounts (duals) in other NDL rosters is not permitted.

When do rosters need to be posted?
Asap. Rosters are used in the selection process.

Can rosters be changed?
Rosters can be changed until the roster deadline after that roster changes are locked and cannot be performed.

When is the Master Roster Deadline?
3 days after applications close.

If I have any further questions, who should I contact?
Tag @Roster Team on discord server

How do I post recruiting information in NDL server? Does NDL have any partnerships to help me recruit for my clan?

NDL has partnered with Clash Champs to provide you with a streamlined, efficient way to recruit for your clan rather than having to post your recruiting information in server after server after server.
Sign up on their website to have Clash Champs do all the work for you, posting your recruiting information in over 57 servers and spreading your clan’s message far and wide.
Enroll your clan here: ClashChamps Website
With easy sign up, and daily bumping, Clash Champs makes recruiting more time efficient.
For questions, please join their server. To ensure your clan’s recruiting ad gets posted on NDL server, make sure you mark that your clan is participating in the No Dip League.

How can I partner with the NDL?

We have some requirements for our partnerships that include: 500+ members in your server, ideals must align with NDL, partnership offers something to either the league itself or our members.
If you believe you meet those requirements, please fill out this application.

Regular Applications Closed!

E-Sports Applications are currently open!

To submit an application to NDL you have to Log In to our site. If you are on mobile, open up the menu by pressing the icon in the top right corner and then Log In.

Login is done by OAuth2 from Discord. By clicking authorize you are giving us permission to view your discord username.
If this is a concern, you are able to read more detailed procedure on Discords OAuth2.