Regular Division Documents

Regular divisions consist of wars with mixed or larger single townhall breakdowns
with classic approach to war duration. Due to unique rule of NDL, players are only allowed to hit other villages in war of eaqual or higher townhall level.
Any kind of dip attacks(attacking lower townhalls) are not allowed.

Clans accepted into the NDL will be assigned a schedule of opponents separated by divisions, and will compete in one match per week during the regular season.
At the end of the regular season, the highest ranked clans will participate in playoff wars to determine a season champion.

Regular Applications Closed!

E-Sports Applications are currently open!

To submit an application to NDL you have to Log In to our site. If you are on mobile, open up the menu by pressing the icon in the top right corner and then Log In.

Login is done by OAuth2 from Discord. By clicking authorize you are giving us permission to view your discord username.
If this is a concern, you are able to read more detailed procedure on Discords OAuth2.